There’s always a pause, that breathless pause before a storm, or the pause of a windless summer day…
That question:   will inspiration strike when I need it? What will my mind and heart fix on…when will that moment of clarity blaze?

And it does.

And it always feels like such a surprise…such a gift.

Without the waiting, without the trust, without the uncertaintly, and without the hope, the moment of inspiration wouldn’t be as bright, as satisfying, as filled with excitement.

It is the breathing out, the breathing in of designing.

And then crashes the onrushing storm of ideas;  of possibilities to make manifest;
the Cacophany of Collection. My mind switches from seeking inspiration,  to pulling together the many bright threads of the Big Inspiration, and distilling it down to actual garments, to individual pieces.

And then the collateral jobs begin, photos, samples, making, promoting. They all become clearer when the inspiration is there. They have a Place, a Reason to Be.


With all the darkness in this world, my entire year has been a focus on the inspiration of Light. Illumination…whether in the form of a tiny spark, or shield-the-eyes brightness.

For Spring/Summer/ Resort/Holiday, my collection focuses on Spring and Summer Light.

Screenshot 2016-07-18 23.26.19

‘The trembling layers of ever-moving whites and blacks, the white-gold of sun overhead at midday, sifting through the blinding green of layered leaves… descending to greyness, to myriad shifting shapes of living black and white upon the earth. The sound of breeze-swayed leaves. The reflection of Growing, the shadows of tendriled vine, and leafy-dressed trunks. Everything in its finery. Everything alive. Even the shadowlight cannot be still.
Looking up, through green to gold, we see the Source for the living shadows that lie before our feet’.

I love dappled leaf shadows, shadowlight. 
It is partially the leaves above that produce the beautiful dappled shadows on Summer’s floor, but in reality, it is the Light above them that brings them into being…golden, Life-giving light. 
The same can be said of us, our thoughts in the every day are black and white, shifting, trembling from place to place, above them are knowledge of things, the background and belief-shapes of our minds…and above those, the Source that illuminates and reflects those shapes into our daily actions. There they lie, as dappled, graphic, ever-moving thoughts.


Midnight Sun:
‘In winter-strong Northern climes, Summer’s sun is not content to set…to waste the all-too brief warmth and bask of sun in Sleep.
Dipping, swaying, barely kissing the horizon the golden disc of sun dances. Dances to summer’s golden song… an arabesque of living light against the pale of day… the black of night.’

I was thinking how amazing it is that in Northern countries, (those places I often find so inspiring for Fall/Winter designs), the sun hardly, sometimes never,  rises in the deep winter, yet in the summer, the sun never sets, making amends for the darkness. A balance of seasons.


This image of the dance of the Midnight Sun is by the talented Isilmetriel on Click on it to see other works by the artist.


Screenshot 2016-07-18 22.07.57



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