It’s that time of year again…where I can’t tell what to wear in the mornings as the weather hop-scotches nimbly from snow, to sun, frigid rain, to Zephyr breezes.  As someone who likes cold-weather clothing,  I don’t mind the last few days of chilly weather, and am enjoying adding soft, fluid Springy scarves and layers into my wardrobe as a nod to the near-future Spring.

Fashion Procession silk Ombre scarf, print created from the fabulous fashion drawings of Denise Fike.  Photo Frank Siegel, Model Meg Morken, HMUA Artistry by Monae


One of the things I so enjoy about this transitional time between Winter and true Spring is the return of birds, their cacophony of song and joyous babble in the mornings, the movement in the trees, their interweaving arcs and flight patterns out my windows while I work.

The other day I came across another type of bird…watching this video of an albatross taking off, I couldn’t help laughing appreciatively.

Blog Albatross

The first couple minutes are takeoffs, Soaring after that!


It was on a day when I was working on marketing ideas and research for my business, and somehow it seemed a most apt illustration for how it feels to be an entrepreneur at times:
Sometimes we soar, feeling the power of the wind under our wings…

Sometimes we run awkwardly with our padding feet, looking exceptionally ungainly and ungraceful, but still putting in the effort and making progress.

Sometimes we soar up, and plop back down, use our tails to skid us to a safe halt on the sand, fold our wings in a dignified manner, and ready ourselves for the next run-up.

In the end…we need all these skills…the ability to stop, pick ourselves up, and take stock, the ungainly but dogged running starts, and the strength for powerful soaring flight…
Happy Spring Weekend from the Granaté Studios!

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