Renewal and Recreation.

As I settled in last night planning out my week ahead, I felt such gratitude for the break this past week…taking time to celebrate Palm Sunday, Passover/Holy Supper, Good Friday, and finally, Easter, was so important and fulfilling.

Getting to spend precious hours with family and friends for this week was an opportunity to examine my mental, spiritual, personal, and business states and look ahead at the next Season.

I enjoyed seeing people’s celebratory posts, Passover gatherings, Easter celebrations, family times. I love noticing the similarities and differences for each culture’s celebration.

As the children decorated eggs, and the adults and older children hid them for the Little Ones to find, I thought about the traditions we follow.
The Egg, emerges as a symbol in many regions, such as Ancient Egypt, Japan and Sumer,  and through various cultures and religions, including Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism…its meaning associated with rebirth, renewal, Spring, New Life, Creation, Sacrifice.

So many things fit into the short bursts of time away this week:
I worshipped with parents, siblings, friends.
I grew an Easter garden with my nephews and nieces, planting barley grass that grew quickly and eventually towered, a veritable jungle forest, over the tiny Sculpey figurines we made.
I visited two new lambs with my nephew and niece, born during Easter Services..still wobbling on their little legs, or lying down, their little tummies moving in and out with their peaceful breathing.
I held small children, hugged unbelievably tall nephews, laughed in a sudden onslaught of rain with a nieces as we rushed to close windows left open to the sun. I enjoyed home-made foods filled with tradition and love.  I filled, tossed, and was soaked by,  myriad water balloons.
I admired Pysanky eggs my nieces made, though I didn’t get to do any this year.
I had family stay with me overnight, the sounds of small feet pattering on my floors, the joyous hugs and hilarious giggles filling my house with sunshine.

So as I head into this new work week, I am smiling over the many moments of these past few days…they will inspire me with the warmth and tenderness of this time of year.


Smiling in Spring Scarves. Photo Frank Siegel

And I am grateful to be reminded how important recreation (Re-Creation) is, to a balanced life. Even if it’s simply a phone call, a video chat, or a few hours with loved ones…these are the times we are re-minded, re-fueled, re-Created.

May we all carry these moments into this new Season of rebirth, and renewal…

Happy Spring to all from the Granaté Studios!






  1. A lovely sentiment, beautifully expressed!

    1. Thank you, Alex, and Happy Easter to you and your family.

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