I like to think of myself as an enabler…

(I use my love of textiles, textures, tones and lines to create pieces that enable a woman to express her inner beliefs, her preferences, and her view of the world)

So I especially love creating pieces that convert, or that have more than one way to style them to suit each unique woman’s taste and preferences…
As changeable and delightful as a summer breeze, soft and fluid, our Zephyr dress and skirt can be worn several ways to bring versatility to your spring and summer wardrobe. 

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It can be a skirt, with or without pickups. It can be a one shoulder dress, again, with pickups or without, and it can worn belted. Seen here with our Button Ceinture in cloqué textures of silk-linen (that coordinates with our silk-linen 3-season skirts and jackets).

It is styled for spring/summer in this video, but can be a 3-season piece, and be worn with more or less coverage depending on the wearer’s preferences. 

Functional multi-use silk cording details are created by hand and embellished with hand-beaded silk blossom tassels, coordinating with our knit line with the same floral details.

See a views of the Zephyr skirt dress below:

Finally, the prints…
Collaborating with fine artists is a Granaté Prêt Signature.

–The Égérie print line is created from drawings by Fine Artist Tovah King Smith. Featuring a forest of lovely trees, and two figural interpretations, this line depicts the growth of Spiritual wisdom throughout a woman’s life…from seed time, through growth, and returning to seed time again. Rooted, flourishing, growth.

–Our Fashion Procession print is created by Annina from the fantastic and fabulous fashion drawings by Denise Fike. Whimsy, elegance, an variety of amazing garments combine to create this lineup of Fashionistas to delight you.

In a product photo shoot, we get to show the garments in a few ways, and it is a further delight to dress clients in them later, and see how they choose to combine our pieces with their existing wardrobe.

Try with a cropped jacket, with a shrug, or as a skirt over your favourite Little black dress, over a camisole and pair of slim cigarette trousers, and with a luxury knit layer like our Sleeved or Strappy Knit dresses. Perfect for resort, Holiday, and travel because it packs easily, and provides for more than one ensemble.

How would you wear your Zephyr dress?  Tell us in the comments below.  And order your ZEPHYR DRESS here



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