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pat·tern ˈpadərn/
a repeated decorative design. a model or design used as a guide in needlework and other crafts.
decorate with a recurring design. give a regular or intelligible form to.

Snow Patterns

.       The late afternoon sunlight streams into my studio windows as I stretch my back. Slanting across the paper-covered cutting table where I’ve been making patterns, the warm rays highlight line upon line of tiny perforated holes pock-marking the white surface.   My eyes trace the arcs and straight lines of various design lines…


Welcome to  my first blog for Granaté Prêt, As an independent designer, and business owner, I get asked so many questions… What is your vision? What is your unique voice? Who is your target market? Whom are you designing for? Which designers would you hang with? Why did you choose this design/fabric? Who will buy your line? Who is…